Chicago’s Watershed

Chicago’s Watershed: A 156-Mile Choreography

Wendy Clinard, choreography

EStrella Piano Duo, piano

Wendy Clinard, Andrea Petersen, Marisela Tapia, dancers

Dmitry Samarov, art work

Renato Velarde, video and audio producer

With Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring as the starting point, our bold new work pairs Wendy Clinard’s original Flamenco-based choreography with exciting EStrella Piano Duo’s performance and Dmitry Samarov’s video-projected ink work for an exploration of the dissonance and consonance of the Chicago River and the city it sustains.

Wendy Clinard: “My Chicago’s Watershed choreography, like Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, is constantly shifting, changing – slower, faster, layered, singular; one minute hysterical, the next calm…like the river and its’ web of intricate relationships.”

This project was premiered in June 2014 at the University of Chicago Logan Center for the Arts.